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Wound Scar and Eyebrow Blocker Wax

Wax skin is makeup artist essential product.
Skin wax can cover the eyebrows, can create scratches, cuts, wounds, or different makeup effects.
How to use :
1. Use alcohol glue daub on what you want to mask, and then wait a minute to dry.
2. Use a tool to place the skin wax until the scar or blain hole cover completely.
3. Use a little oil to modify skin wax.
4. Wax color may be different of your skin color, so you can use face foundation to decorate the wax.

Original price was: $111.00.Current price is: $6.50.

Advantage: 35 Different Colors

Logo Printing: Silkscreen

Suitable for: Wedding, Party Makeup

Packing material: Color Box


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